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A research and development company specializing in fire experimentation and computer modelling of hazardous materials pressure vessels exposed to accidental fires.

We design and develop fire experimental methods to verify thermal protection systems and pressure relief systems for pressure vessels containing pressure liquified hazardous materials. We can conduct small scale to full scale fire testing to measure the response of the vessel to fire heating. Our liquid fuelled burner systems provide steady and repeatable fire test conditions. This allows for direct comparison between tests. We also have extensive computer modelling experience with fire effects on hazardous materials pressure vessels. Contact us for further details.

BLEVE Incident Simulator (BIS v1.0 SI Units for Windows)

by ThermDyne Technologies Ltd.

BLEVE -- boiling liquid expanding vapour explosion -- a BLEVE is the explosive release of expanding vapour and boiling liquid following the catastrophic failure of a pressure vessel holding a pressure liquefied gas such as propane or LPG. A BLEVE is one of the worst possible outcomes when a propane or LPG tank is exposed to fire. BLEVE hazards include fireballs, blast, projectiles and possible toxic clouds or vapour cloud explosions. If you are a firefighter, emergency responder, plant safety professional, or a plant manager, you need to know what a BLEVE is and what it can do.

BLEVE of a 400 litre propane tank

BLEVE Incident Simulation software for firefighters, emergency responders, response planners, and hazard analysts.

The BLEVE Incident Simulator (BIS) is an interactive computer program that lets you study what if with different tank sizes, different fire types and different tank protection. You will see what the hazards are including blast, projectiles, fireballs and vapour cloud explosions. With the tank thermal model you can estimate critical tank behavior in a fire, and from this develop an understanding of how pressure tanks are affected by fire impingement. The software also includes an information data base including graphic images so that users can review the critical issues.

This software is intended as a response planning tool and training simulator. Unlike training videos, this software allows you to define the scenario. This software is not intended to be a rigorous hazard analysis tool.


The BIS is based on the research of Dr. A. M. Birk P.Eng. , Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Queen's University at Kingston. He has been conducting BLEVE research since 1980 and has conducted numerous fire tests of propane tanks for the Canadian Government. Visit his Queen's University web site to see more about his fire testing and computer modelling work in the area of BLEVEs and related hazards.

You can see more details about his BLEVE research at Queen's University at: A. M. Birk PhD, BLEVE Research at Queen's University


We do not have a running demonstration version on this website. However, if you want to see what the BIS looks like try these links:

BLEVE Incident Simulator -- BIS v1.0 background information

BLEVE Incident Simulator -- BIS v1.0 static DEMO

The BIS v1.0 was developed to be an easy to use computer code for the non-expert and as a result it has its limitations. If the BIS v1.0 does not meet your specific needs, then contact us to see our custom software solutions.

Version 1.0 of the BLEVE Incident Simulator is available at a price of $549. (US) (plus shipping and handling) per single user license. Special prices are available for multiple orders and volunteer Fire Departments.

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